Spotlight: Goldsmiths – Doors


Door etiquette getting you down? Feel silly holding them for people? You’re not alone! This hard-hitting report uncovers a worrying level of door-related awkwardness at Goldsmiths College.

NB: This was shot and edited in two afternoons earlier this year and suffered in the compression process somewhat, due to my inexpert file management. Don’t watch the technicals.


Pressing Issue

I was originally going to call this feature ‘Doughnuts’ as doughnuts are briefly mentioned just over half way through. I was advised however that that was ‘not what the feature is about’ and therefore ‘inappropriate’.  I now regret following this advice as doughnuts was funny. Anyway, its about IP1 Magazine who I used to write for and whose amazing work can be found here and in real-life paper and staples mags around Suffolk. I went a bit abstract and stuff, as is my wont.